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Why Indoor Gyms Are Good To Have

Let’s face it we all want to look our best. At some stage or another, we have all probably felt like we could do with losing a few pounds or should start toning up. But, in reality very few follow through with it or at least stick with it on a regular basis. There are several property developers who have strong visions on gyms and personal wellness, and so we have looked into exactly why indoor gyms are a good addition to apartment buildings.


One of the primary reasons that people in the UK don’t end up going to the gym is because once they get in through the door from work, they can’t bear the thought of getting dressed and venturing back outside. That’s not to say that they don’t want to or that they have no intentions of planning to visit the gym another day. By having a fully equipped gym in the apartment building, people are much more likely to actually attend. There would be no more excuses, and there’s no need to go outside and catch a train or drive to the gym, as they can quite literally get there within minutes. It’s the beauty of convenience.

Destress And Increase Productivity

The daily grind can really have an impact on mental health. It’s no secret that a large volume of people in the UK suffers from anxiety, depression, and stress-related illnesses but according to experts, regular exercise has been proven to significantly reduce stress and even help to lift depression and anxiety. Studies that were conducted have also seen that there is a substantial increase in a person’s productivity after they have completed a workout. Not only that but an indoor gym makes a person feel as though there is a lot more space available. So, taking into account how likely a person is to use the gym more if there is one in that apartment it seems as though it will really benefit young professionals.

Giving You That Edge

In countries like Australia and the US having a gym in an apartment building is pretty standard but here in the UK, not so much. Purchasing a property in a complex that also has a gym gives you an edge. Imagine getting in from a particularly tough day at work and being able to get the elevator to the gym and let off some steam on the treadmill or punch bag. The availability of an indoor gym is something that makes you stand out from the crowd, and when potential tenants are viewing the property, it could be the reason the choose your property over possible lower priced apartments that they’ve seen. I mean it’s pretty cool when you think about it.

In our previous articles we looked at things that impact property prices and what we found was that convenience counts for an awful lot when it comes to property. For some people, an indoor gym could provide them with the motivation they are looking for to have a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.