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Most Wanted UK Rental Property Features

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When it comes to in-demand UK rental property features, tenants’ requirements fluctuate. This depends on numerous factors, one being their desired location. However, certain features are a must-have. Communal elements are typically thought of as a nice bonus rather than the deciding factor. That being said, tenants do value them. A gorgeous apartment with breathtaking city views only accessible via grungy elevator greatly loses its appeal. So what do renters find most attractive in UK rental property? Read on and find out.

Availability of Garages and Bicycle Storage

People looking for UK rental property ranked Garages at number one. This is based on online filter results. For seeking tenants, parking spaces added great value to rental units. Near the city centre, tenants strongly prefered apartments with bicycle storage. Regular, efficient public transport links also ranked quite high on the necessity list. People working in the city but living in the suburbs find public transport provides an efficient commute. It is often cheaper. In some cases, it’s quicker too.

Pet-Friendly UK Rental Property

Pets. A landlord’s worst nightmare but a renter’s dream. For years pets were generally only permitted in council houses. To date, privately rented property uphold strong rules against pets. Yet a high number of people searching for a new rental are selecting the pet-friendly option on the search bar. Some property search sites listed pet-friendly as being the number one searched for feature.

The demand for pet-friendly rentals has risen significantly in the recent past. The term”pet-friendly” ranked 5th on the rental demands list in 2018. In 2019, it ranked second.  Want to attract tenants? Consider allowing pets. Some landlords may accept pets once they have met them. Probably so they can see how well trained the animals are. If you are thinking about allowing pets, check your insurance cover first. In case any of the loveable animals suddenly decide to destroy the carpet or chew on the furniture.

Furnished Apartments Attractive to Tenants

Clearly, cars and pets come way before personal comfort for a majority of renters. For house seekers, the 3rd most requested property feature was a furnished apartment. From a landlord’s perspective, an unfurnished apartment means less potential damage. That leaves concern for the paintwork, windows, flooring, and work surfaces. There is also the risk of getting burdened with unwanted furniture. It may cost time and money to dispose of when the furniture is no longer needed. Again, furnishing an apartment or a house can be pretty expensive. However, tenants pay a higher rental rate if the property is fully kitted out.


Since the UK is a mostly wet and windy country, gardens rank low on the list. However, when the sun comes out, people flock to their neighbours for a barbecue and some beers. Burger buns and sausages fly off the supermarket shelves. Enthusiastic parents drag barely-used paddling pools out of the attic. When the sun comes out, people utilize their gardens. Those without gardens may contemplate moving. Alas, when the sun slips away, gardens are again forgotten.  They are relegated to an additional storage place for the kid’s toys. Which is probably why having a garden was the 5th most requested feature.

How Preferred Rental Property Features Vary Across The UK

The information above highlights general requirements from searches across the nation. In different regions, the desired features change. Heading right up north, into Scotland, tenants prioritized full furnished property. For tenants in the North-East, the priority was a garage. Aside from those two areas, renters greatest demand was parking. In London, luxurious amenities took the day. Tenants also regularly search for features such as gyms and additional ensuite bathrooms.

Properties in prime locations rarely struggle to attract tenants.  That is unless they have an unusually large rental tag attached to it. If you are purchasing a buy-to-let property always ensure you research the neighbourhood. Furthermore,  research on the locale to ascertain the attraction goes further than just the interior of the property.

Now you know. These are the top 5 features tenants seek when finding a rental property.