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500 Million Regeneration in the Heart of Belfast

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Ireland has been a hot topic of conversation lately due to the northern/southern complexity when it comes to leaving the EU. But nonetheless, Belfast, being in the north, makes it part of the United Kingdom. Just like many thriving cities in England, Scotland, and Wales, Belfast is also experiencing the construction of exciting regeneration projects and developments. 

Introducing The Tribeca Regeneration Project

The development will be located next to the infamous St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast city centre. With access to Donegall Street, Royal Avenue, Rosemary Street, and Lower Garfield. Spanning over an area of 12 acres, the Tribeca Regeneration Project looks set to deliver 1,500,000 sq ft of office, residential, retail, and food and beverage space. The project will provide a much-needed boost to the city of Belfast as it will completely transform the northeast of the city centre. 

Castlebrooke Investments

All in all the Tribeca Regeneration Project is on track to cost £500 million, with the first phase expected to be completed by 2021. The Tribeca developer, Castlebrooke Investments have stated that this is the largest single redevelopment that Belfast city centre has ever seen. It is expected that the phase of the construction will be open for business a mere 24 months after its completion.

Phase One

In early 2018 the first phase of the Tribeca Regeneration Project received the necessary planning approval. This part of the project includes two Grade A office buildings and another development featuring 24 high-end apartments as well as ground floor retail or food and beverage units. One of the office buildings has been designed to an outstandingly high level intended for the purpose of international headquarter offices. It is this style of development that will attract the eyes of large corporations worldwide. Initially, the Tribeca plans had more of a retail focus, but as it progressed, developers altered the development to accommodate for luxury residential and office space. 

Putting Belfast Back on The Map for Young Professionals

In a lot of our recent blog posts, we have talked about the transformation of England’s northern cities. Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool are all experiencing huge developments to their city centres offering both high-end apartments but also presenting appealing career prospects. Now, Belfast is following in their footsteps with what could easily be, one of the largest redevelopments in its history. For career focussed individuals the Tribeca Regeneration Project will provide new career opportunities right in the city centre.

Onwards And Upwards

Currently, the Tribeca Regeneration Project is continuously moving forward. More than £50 million has already been invested in the project for planning approval and service fees. There haven’t really been any major delays to the project and developers, Castlebrooke Investments are confident that the estimated completion dates will be met. As for Belfast, this type of development is only the beginning. It has come at a time when they needed it most and will definitely help to revive the city’s urban landscape. 

 Gardiner Square, Belfast

As Belfast quickly climbs the ladder for being a property hotspot now is a great time to see what the Irish city has to offer. The off-plan apartments and townhouses of Gardiner Square in Belfast will be located just a short walk from the highly anticipated Tribeca Regeneration project. A modernized design on the doorstep of the city centre makes commuting to work and schools simple. Gardiner Square will comprise of two-bedroom apartments as well as three-bedroom townhouses suitable for families. Links into the city centre are nearby with the Westlink access just minutes from the apartments. 

Investing In Gardiner Square

There are many reasons that Gardiner Square makes for an attractive investment but to ‘get to the point’ so to speak, here are some key things to know about the development. 

  • 7% Net Rental Assurance 
  • Parking And Furniture Packs Available 
  • City Amenities Nearby 
  • Easy Access To Schools, Universities, Retail Centres, And Public Transport Links 
  • 250 Years Leasehold 
  • Completion Date – Q2, 2020 
  • Developed By A Highly Experienced Developer With A Strong Reputation For Delivering On Schedule

As Belfast undergoes a major redevelopment within close proximity to Gardiner Square, rental demands in the area are expected to rise dramatically. Once the Tribeca project is completed prices are due to increase, making now an ideal time to invest. Gardiner Square expected completion date is just one year before the estimated completion for phase one of the Tribeca Project which indicates that the residential development will be highly sought after.