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City Vibes – Liverpool

Liverpool - City Vibes

Now that we have taken a closer look at a million things to do in Manchester, it’s time to look at another northern beauty. Despite the two leading cities being fairly close neighbours they certainly differ from one another on several levels. From its rich musical history to its undeniably quirky accent, Liverpool offers a wealth of opportunities for people of all cultures and interests. So what is it really like to live in Liverpool?

The Baltic Triangle is the Heart of the Creativity City

Liverpool is famous for its musical history and the talent that has poured out of it over the years is etched into its character. Here, the creativity flows, the theatres are bustling, and the music scene is still as vibrant as ever. With big names like The Beatles and The Wombats originating from Liverpool, it’s no wonder that the city relates to music so much. Walking the streets of bars and lounges, you will often find tribute nights, karaoke, live bands, and open mic nights. Not only can you drop into your local for a spot of entertainment but there are also a variety of performances by the latest artists all year round. Liverpool also hosts one of the best festivals in the UK, SoundCity. The entertainment talent doesn’t stop there, Liverpool is decorated with theatres including the Everyman and the Liverpool Playhouse. Such theatres have played a part in the development of many actors careers and are a true credit to the city.

Retail Therapy

We all love a bit of shopping and for those that don’t live in a city a bit of retail therapy usually involves travelling to the closest one. Like all major UK cities, Liverpool has an amazing retail scene. It has everything from chain stores and big labels to independent suppliers and boutique shops. Liverpool One is the main shopping centre in the city with the infamous Bold Street being the spot for independent boutique shops. Designer brands can be found in Cavern Walks or for those looking for something more unique, you might be more at home at the city’s wide range of markets.


Now, we may have already covered Liverpool’s music scene, but it’s worth another mention when it comes to events. Throughout the year, every month, and every week there is some form of gig, festival, or performance. It really is talent central. But, for those looking for a different kind of event, maybe Anfield is more your scene. Nothing quite boosts the city’s atmosphere than a Liverpool City football game. Let the chanting begin and get the beer flowing!

The Beauty Of The City

Well a city with rivers running through them are almost always beautiful, and in Liverpool, you have the Mersey. Another well known, gorgeous spot in Liverpool is the docks. Yep, the very ones you often hear about in songs. Most prime attractions of many cities are the cathedrals, and in Liverpool, there’s not just one, but two. The crazy thing about these cathedrals is how close they are. There is only one road that separates these majestic cathedrals, the name being Hope Street. Speaking of close proximity, everything in Liverpool is pretty close. Long commutes on trains or trams are rarely required and if it is then the ultra-efficient public transport system will get you there in no time.

The People Of Liverpool

It’s very well known that the Liverpudlians are some of the happiest people on the planet. Their unforgettable accents seem to make everything sound funnier. Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with happy, charismatic people? But aside from their laid back and cheerful personas who do they share their gorgeous city with? Well, like Manchester and pretty much most of the UK, Liverpool is a very multi-cultural city. In fact, many of the Irish have fond memories and heritage originating from Liverpool, and its China Town is one of the oldest Chinese communities in Europe. So with people from all walks of life, Liverpool really does appeal to the many.

What Draws People To Liverpool

The answer to this question is very similar to why people are attracted to Manchester. We now know that the shopping, nightlife, events, and attractions are all great but why do people choose to live in Liverpool? The cities up north have been attracting people for many years but even more so just recently. When you compare living costs in Liverpool with that of the country’s capital, there’s a large difference. When you look at just how much further your money will go up north it comes as no surprise that even large, well-known companies are relocating. When your cash isn’t stretched quite as far, your social life tends to flourish so not only can you live in a beautiful city but you can actually explore it as well. With all of the above offering just a glimpse of what life is like in Liverpool, it almost sounds irresistible, doesn’t it? Joint with the Manchester area, Liverpool was awarded one of the top spots for foreign direct investment last year meaning there is a lot more excitement in store for this city.