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City Vibes – City of Birmingham

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A city which has experienced over two decades of redevelopment has officially gained the interest of investors worldwide. But aside for its reputation of delivering the tastiest curries in the country what makes the City of Birmingham so special? And what is it really like to live there?

The Place For Socialising

Birmingham is the hub of the Midlands for socialising. It has a luminous nightlife to fulfil the eager student population and an event scene that’s ideal for, well, everybody. The iconic NEC Arena hosts a multitude of events throughout the year from music gigs to exhibitions and alongside that there is Arena Birmingham and Genting Arena. You’ve got the art exhibits, instrumental showcases, concerts, fashion events, food festivals, game conventions, there is even programs for tattoo fanatics. No matter what the interest is, Birmingham will have something to get you buzzing with excitement. The entertainment in Birmingham isn’t just fit for the youngsters though. Excluding London, the city of Birmingham has the highest number of Michelin star restaurants than any other city in England. So, if curry isn’t really your thing, don’t panic. There is plenty of scrumptious dishes and fine dining to choose from. As far as cities go, Birmingham is pretty reasonable for buying a pint. So an afternoon in the pub with some mates watching sports won’t cause you to dip into your holiday fund.

Shopping in the City of Birmingham

What is a city without its shops? Not a very good one that’s for sure. Just like all major UK cities, Birmingham has a brilliant retail scene. The Bullring is the city’s latest retail development and is the most visited shopping centre in the UK. It features over 200 shops and 28 food venues so you will never be stuck for something to wear. Connected to the Bullring via Link street, is Grand Central. Here in the heart of the city, you have over 60 premium shops from Jo Malone to Cath Kidston. On top of the Bullring and Grand Central, you’ve got Merry Hill and the Mailbox. Not forgetting all of the independent shops as well. How could we talk about shopping in Birmingham without mentioning the Christmas markets? Popping up in Victoria Square and New Street every year, thousands flock to the city to dose up on Christmas spirit. Mooching around the handmade decoration stalls while sipping on hot cider is what Christmas is all about. The world of shopping in this city is very much alive whether you like to grab a bargain, snap up some designer labels or find unique items from boutiques, you can get it in Birmingham. Talk about spoilt for choice.


Demographically speaking, the city of Birmingham is in a great location for travelling both in and out of the city (if you would ever want to leave the city that is). For any of you are used to the London tubes Birmingham does differ somewhat with busses being the largest mode of public transportation. There are, of course, trains that work on a regular schedule though. Travelling around the city centre, there are tram and bus links running every few minutes. A perfect commute to work.

Birmingham is also part of the HS2 high-speed train project. The first phase is due to open at the end of 2026 and will take approximately 49 minutes to reach London from Birmingham. Cutting the journey down from the 1 hour and 21 minutes that it currently takes. It’s not only London that you will be able to reach in record time. There will also be a Birmingham to Leeds route that will take a mere 57 minutes as opposed to the 2-hour journey that it takes now. This will bring even more opportunities to the table in regards to career possibilities. Travelling out of the country is also possible in Birmingham as it is in possession of its own international airport. A majority of the Midlands use Birmingham International Airport when they travel abroad as they generally get really good deals and it’s closer to home than London. It’s a win-win for travellers.


Cost Of Living

Arguably one of the most important factors for people that are contemplating moving to Birmingham is the general cost of living. Well, it’s safe to say that Birmingham is a lot cheaper than London. But, in the UK it doesn’t take much to be less expensive than the capital. The average rent prices for a one bedroom flat in the city centre is around £550 and up. Outside of the city centre prices are usually a lot less, starting from £350 per month. The average property price in Birmingham is £209,634 as of April 2019. Since January of this year property prices have risen by 0.86 per cent. Compared to this time last year the growth difference is 2.95 per cent higher today than last year. The city’s average flat price is £160,085 a significantly lower amount than in London. In a city such as Birmingham money tends to go much further. Purchasing an apartment in Birmingham would not only be cheaper than in London, but you would generally get a lot more space as well.

So, all in all, the city of Birmingham looks like a pretty great city to live in doesn’t it? But we couldn’t end this post before mentioning how proud the Brummies are that they won the bidding for the 2022 commonwealth games. Liverpool may have more successful football teams, but they didn’t beat Birmingham on this occasion. Now that is something to boast about.