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City Vibes – City of Leeds

Live Let Buy - City Vibes -City of Leeds

What better city to write about for our final article in the City Vibes series than the City of Leeds. In 2018 Leeds was rated the second best UK city to live and work in for people aged 30 and under. In recent years Leeds has pumped a lot of money into redevelopment projects, and the city is thriving because of it. So, let’s take a closer at the things that make Leeds such a charming city.


Education In the City of Leeds

The young and eager population of Leeds comes from the three universities in the city. That’s right, Leeds has three universities. The University of Leeds is one of the best in the country. Sports enthusiasts generally head to Leeds Beckett University. The school has a strong reputation of producing top athletes such as rugby league legend Kevin Sinfield. According to research, many students who move to Leeds for university end up staying in the city after graduation. The rapidly developing city provides many career prospects.

Because Leeds has an active student community, the city ensures they are welcomed and well looked after. The student population in Leeds is one of the largest in Europe with an enrollment of over 65,000. Not only is this a plus for the local economy but it also brings diversity to the city.



Like other great UK cities, Leeds has a vibrant retail scene. Kirkgate Market is one of the most historical shopping venues in the city. You can find a wide selection of food from various cultures, along with independent boutique shops. The infamous Kirkgate Market sees over 100,000 shoppers each week and was the birthplace of Marks and Spencer back in 1884. Outside of the market, you need not go far for an even bigger range of shops and restaurants.

Leeds is full of shopping malls and high streets that despite the popularity of online shopping are still bustling to this very day. The Trinity Shopping Centre is where you can find all the top brands from dedicated Apple stores to fashionable Victoria’s Secret shops. Towards the more historical parts of the city designer labels like Louis Vuitton and Harvey Nichols are found.


2019 Redevelopments and Regeneration

In 2018 Leeds received an investment of £1.4 million to continue the redevelopment and regeneration projects. This year that investment is to be put to good use by improving even more of the city’s iconic venues. Both the Medical Museum and Leeds Town Hall are undergoing a redevelopment with large chunks of the money being used to improve conferencing areas. For 2019 the city’s new NEXUS Centre is expected to open and will provide a venue dedicated for the networking and growth of businesses and professionals.


City of Leeds Growth

Over the last couple of years, many companies and large corporations have packed up and moved out of London due to the ever-increasing overheads. In a bid to save money these companies have headed north of the country. In the North, their money goes a lot further. Now, Leeds has welcomed companies such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Adidas, Jet2, and Channel 4. These juggernauts now have headquarters here. Alongside these big names, Leeds was already home to many major UK media agencies and looking towards the future they expect to house a lot more.

With a growing digital presence in Leeds, young professionals and entrepreneurs are can explore multitudes of prospects. Large corporations’ increased interest in the city makes Leeds an even more appealing place to live. This is a major contributor to the city’s continued growth.

With plenty of investment opportunities in the City of Leeds, it remains one of the country’s most desirable. There is a multitude of options in terms of education and career progression. Furthermore, it is a much cheaper city to live in. Leeds really does have all of the ingredients for a successful future. It has a noted history, a riveting social scene, huge redevelopment projects, and an enthusiastic population. It’s yet another prosperous, northern city.